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What is a Step and Repeat?

If you are looking for a Step and Repeat or Press Wall for your event you have come to the right place!  A Step and Repeat is a backdrop of various lengths and sizes that incorporates a sponsor logo or product launch at a red carpet event. The main purpose of a Step and Repeat is to capture the photos of guests and celebrities on the logo wall to ensure that the brand will get maximum exposure. The literal meaning of Step and Repeat comes from celebrities who walk the red carpet at events like galas, movie grand openings…

Why Step and Repeat Las Vegas?

With over 20 years in the special event and printing industry in Las Vegas we have seen it all. There are many small print shops or $50 banner shops who can print you a banner in Las Vegas.

Our company specializes in large tradeshows, custom events, special events, product launches, etc. We only use the highest quality materials as we don’t compromise when it comes to our clients.

What is a “Step and Repeat” press wall and why do I need one?

The term Step and Repeat comes from Hollywood as stars on the red carpet would step up to the professional photographers and then move on to the next group of professional photographers. This motion of stepping up and repeating the action is where the term “Step and Repeat” comes from. Our graphic design team would like to think that the term Step and Repeat comes from their side of the industry where the corporate logos “repeat” themselves on the custom backdrop. The term is also referred to as a “Press Wall” which refers to the photographers and press who are taking photos of the celebrities. The overall purpose is to capture talent or celebrities in front of a sponsors logos.

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