Tradeshows are pivotal events for business networking and innovation. Whether you’re a seasoned exhibitor or a newcomer, success at a tradeshow, especially in a location as bustling as Las Vegas, requires meticulous planning. For a smoother experience, here’s your go-to checklist tailored for a tradeshow in Las Vegas.

1. Set Clear Objectives Begin by outlining your goals. Are you introducing a new product, establishing brand visibility, or forging business ties? Your objectives will shape subsequent decisions.

2. Choose the Right Tradeshow Las Vegas hosts a multitude of tradeshows annually, notably at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Its reputation and facilities make it a top choice. Ensure your selected tradeshow aligns with your industry and target demographic. The Las Vegas Convention Calendar can offer insights into upcoming events.

3. Budgeting Establish a budget early, factoring in costs such as booth rental, design, promotional materials, and travel. Las Vegas’s allure might mean some expenses are higher; planning is key.


4. Design a Memorable Booth Your booth encapsulates your brand. Especially in Las Vegas, standing out is vital. Consider hiring professionals to ensure your booth mirrors your brand and objectives. Consider a unique branded focal point such as the Box and Repeat!

Box and Repeat

5. Handle Logistics

  • Shipping: Determine how your materials will reach the venue. Opt for shippers experienced with tradeshows. Consider your deadlines and advanced lead times depending on where you are originating from.
  • Electricity & Wi-Fi: Secure these essentials for your booth. You can’t always count on reliable cell service, especially with the concentration of tradeshow attendees at the event. take into account the total power draw required for your booth. As booth and display technology becomes more advanced, so do the requirements for electricity and reliable internet,
  • Staffing: Select and train your booth personnel. Every interaction counts! Make sure you have rehearsed and considered every facet of presenting your product or service.

6. Marketing and Promotion

  • Pre-show: Utilize email campaigns, social media teasers, or webinars.
  • During the Tradeshow: Engage attendees with live demos or contests. Consider drawing
    additional foot traffic with a booth activation such as a Headshot Lounge.
  • Post-show: Engage leads, thank participants, and obtain feedback.

7. Craft Promotional Materials Include brochures, samples, business cards, and giveaways. In a location like Las Vegas, distinctive materials make a world of difference. Do you need help designing and printing those materials? Contact us or give us a call at 702-723-4553

Las Vegas Tradeshow Printing         Las Vegas Tradeshow Printing

8. Networking Prep Tradeshows in Las Vegas are networking hubs. Arrange meetings beforehand, and manage leads effectively. Maintain a diary to record significant points.

9. Stay Updated With the scale of operations in Las Vegas tradeshows, changes can occur. Monitor schedules, venue maps, and organizer updates diligently. Take into account other major events that could be happening the same day as the tradeshow. For example, now that Las Vegas has The Vegas Golden Knights, The Las Vegas Raiders, and The Las Vegas Aces, consider how schedules such as these can impact your travel, dinner plans, and hotel accommodations.

10. Plan for Unexpected Events Prepare backups for essentials like tech and staffing. Is there anything for your booth that is what we call, “Mission Critical”? Is it possible to bring these items in your carry-on bag instead of checked luggage for example?

11. Accommodation and Transit Las Vegas boasts numerous hotel options. Secure lodgings near the venue to minimize travel. If unfamiliar with Las Vegas, explore local transport or consider vehicle rental. Are you going to frequent Las Vegas? Consider joining rewards programs for your hotel group of choice.

12. Abide by Local Rules Comprehend Las Vegas regulations, especially if you’re bringing products from outside the state or country. If you’re traveling from out of the country consider hiring a customs agent to smooth the shipping process.

13. Review and Refine After the tradeshow, evaluate its success. Gather feedback, assess leads, and adapt for future Las Vegas tradeshows.


Tradeshows in Las Vegas are both rewarding and challenging. Proper planning is your greatest asset for a successful event in this vibrant city. Use this checklist as your guide, customizing it as needed. There is no better city when it comes to hosting Conventions, Tradeshows, Events, and more. With each tradeshow, refine your strategy. Here’s to successful exhibiting in Las Vegas!

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