As the Affiliate Summit West 2024 approaches, the buzz is building around what will be an unmissable event at the CAESARS FORUM Conference Center in Las Vegas. This year’s lineup features a cadre of industry luminaries ready to share their knowledge and insights. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect:


  1. A Glimpse into Forbes’ Strategy with Alexis Caldwell: As an Executive Director at Forbes, Alexis Caldwell brings over 16 years of digital marketing experience. At ASW 2024, she will delve into her journey, highlighting her recognition as a Top 50 Women Leader of Dallas and a Top 30 Changemaker in Partnership Marketing. Expect a riveting presentation on building successful partnerships and leveraging media platforms for brand growth.
  2. The Vox Media Blueprint by Camilla Cho: Camilla Cho has been at the forefront of Vox Media’s ecommerce surge. Her session will offer insights into affiliate revenue generation and how to manage successful performance marketing strategies. Cho’s background with The Strategist and The Verge will serve as a case study for building trust and loyalty in digital brand communities.
  3. Startup Growth Tactics with Afshan Dosani: As the Head of Growth at Kindra, Afshan Dosani brings a wealth of experience in e-commerce, hospitality, and healthcare. Her session will explore the nuances of scaling startups and driving meaningful change. Attendees can look forward to learning about balancing the high-octane startup environment with strategic growth initiatives.
  4. Decoding Multi-Million Revenue Management with Eddie Maalouf: Eddie Maalouf, the entrepreneurial force behind 4Media.Marketing, will share his journey of founding a digital agency that now manages over $700 million a year. His talk is set to cover strategies for working with top-tier brands and insights on selling digital and physical products online.
  5. Alignment in the Affiliate Universe: This year, ASW 2024 is poised to become the melting pot for over 6,500 industry professionals, creating an unparalleled synergy among affiliates, advertisers, ecom sellers, networks, and tech suppliers. The sessions will revolve around creating harmonious partnerships and strategies for collaborative success.
  6. The Legacy and Evolution of ASW: Reflecting on the past success of Affiliate Summit events, speakers will share how these gatherings have been instrumental in shaping the affiliate marketing landscape. Discussions will highlight key takeaways from previous years and the evolving nature of affiliate marketing.
  7. Interactive Workshops and Panels: Through a series of interactive panels and workshops, attendees will gain practical skills in content creation, SEO, and data analytics, all tailored to the affiliate marketing domain.
  8. Exclusive Networking Opportunities: The event is a prime opportunity to build connections with industry peers and thought leaders in a setting that fosters open dialogue and exchange of ideas.
  9. The Exhibit Hall Experience: Featuring a plethora of exhibitors, the hall is a showcase for the latest in affiliate marketing tools, services, and innovations.
  10. The Las Vegas Factor: Beyond the conference, Las Vegas offers a dynamic backdrop with its world-renowned entertainment and networking events that are perfect for unwinding and building informal connections.And while we’re discussing the marvels of Las Vegas and its endless opportunities for entertainment and networking, let’s not overlook the pivotal role that a sophisticated backdrop plays in creating those Instagram-worthy moments and professional connections. Enter Step and Repeat Las Vegas, the city’s premier provider of custom backdrops, including the innovative Box and Repeat — a seamless, immersive photo experience that elevates any event.

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    Las Vegas 2024

Affiliate Summit West 2024 isn’t just a conference; it’s a comprehensive experience designed to inspire, educate, and connect the brightest minds in affiliate marketing. Each speaker is carefully selected to contribute valuable insights and actionable strategies that attendees can take back to their businesses. As the event draws closer, the excitement mounts for what is sure to be a landmark event in the marketing calendar. Pack your bags for Las Vegas – where insights, inspiration, and industry connections await at every turn.

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